Start you Own Umatter Group


(Click play to have us read the You Matter group format and guidelines)

You Matter Group Format

At the start of a You Matter Meeting you will need access to a computer, go to and click on a lessons. Choose the lesson you would like to do.  Some lessons will have a link at the top of the page that will take you to a brief video to watch. The message in the video will correspond with the topic of the meeting.

After you watch the video then as a group read aloud the declaration of purpose and positive affirmation. Take a few minutes to reflect on the positive affirmation. As a group you can decide how long you would like the reflection period to be. (5 – 20 minutes would be sufficient)

After you have read the lesson plan, come together as a group and have a short discussion about the topic or what you just read. Go around the room and share something about yourself and your own experiences regarding the topic of the lesson. If you do not wish to share feel free to pass. If you find that you don’t have anything to talk about but you would like to share something, then go to the questions and share your answers with the group.
Spend the next week answering the questions that were in the lesson. It’s important to spend some time with each lesson. The idea is not to race through them but to take them in and extract and absorb everything you can from each lesson.

Guidelines for the group

(Read these guidelines at your first You Matter group meeting. If you have a newcomer to the group please share these guidelines with them. It would be helpful from time to time to reread these guidelines)

  • You Matter groups are designed for people to come and share themselves in a safe and non-judgemental environment.
  • What has been said during your You Matter group session should not be shared outside the group.
  • Please be respectful and kind to all group members.
  • Be sure to share the floor evenly. Some meetings you may have lots to share while other meetings you may not feel like sharing at all. However be sure to keep in mind that the other members of your group require time to share as well.
  • If a member is in crisis please refrain from trying to fix their problems. You Matter groups are for support, NOT for counselling other group members. Be a listening ear and offer comfort and support only. If necessary refer them to seek the appropriate professional guidance.
  • During the You Matter session please maintain an air of loving positivity.
  • We are not here to talk about others, to condemn, criticize, or judge anyone.
  • Our desire is to improve the quality of our lives by looking honestly at who we are.
  • Please avoid giving excessive feedback to what someone is sharing.
  • If someone shares avoid trying to one up someone else’s story with your story about the same thing.
  • Just allow people to share and resist the urge to give advice
  • *If you have questions or feedback on what someone has shared, feel free to stay after the meeting to share in fellowship.


Always welcome newcomers to your groups. Have them introduce themselves and have the group go around the room to introduce themselves to the new person.

If someone shows up to the group you do not like, try to be willing to set down your issues with that person. Let this be a safe place for everyone to be.


(Click on the link above to download the group format)