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This website is a response to the problem we are having with suicide in our area. Something has to change! Our response to this problem is Love, we would like to love you and we invite you to love yourself. Someone who truly loves themselves would never self harm. We have hope for our community and wish to provide one of many solutions to this complex issue.

One of our main goals with Umatter is to inspire people to help themselves.

Our mental well being is an inside job. When you get lost in the maze of your mind and you no longer see a way out, this leads to big problems. We believe that our community needs the public and private services that we have in place. This website is a tool that you can use in addition to the support you already have. We feel that it is imperative that people take ownership of their own mental health. We all must tend to our own mental health. Good mental health is created in ourselves, you cannot buy it or have another give it to you. Others can direct you to help yourself, but at the end of the day YOU must be willing to change, grow, heal and take ownership of YOUR life.  It’s a choice we make in our lives.

At U matter we understand that the lessons we have provided will not work for everyone. We encourage you to take what you can from each lesson and just keep moving forward on your path to discovering your greatness. We also understand that these lessons may feel overwhelming at first. Do what you can do from the place you’re in; tomorrow we invite you back to do a bit more. We ask you to be gentle and loving towards yourself. Take your time and understand that you are who you are by all the events that have taken place in your life. It may take time for you to rediscover the real you underneath all the layers of personality, behaviors, and ideas we hold about ourselves. Be patient and allow yourself to be whatever you are.

Know that right now in whatever condition you are in you are loved and needed it this world! We don’t work on ourselves to make us better for the world. We work on ourselves to make us better for ourselves, so that we can claim the peace that lives within all of us.

Here is a article by Ned Burwell that speaks to what is being said here.