Awakening Session 11

Session Eleven - Meditation: Is it a practice or a study? How do we meditate? What are the benefits to it? Can anyone do it? Is it even real? These are all very valid questions that I know I had about meditation, mainly because I have heard so much about it and never spent much time with it. Ned has a great deal of experience with mediation and gives us some great tools to begin practicing meditation and he also dispels many things that are misunderstood with the practice.

Awakening Session 10

Session Ten - Unity: This is the longest episode in the series and the most story-filled from the life experiences of Ned Burwell. Some of the things we discuss are how people often look to see themselves in other people and this is one of the most common things that unifies us to others. We also look at how people should try to look closely at the qualities in others that they value, striking up conversations in person, and living more in the world rather than on social media. There are many interesting observations that we make about our society in this episode.

Awakening Session 9

Session Nine - Finding Our Purpose: Have you ever thought to yourself whether you are truly living a life that is purposefully yours? Are you using your heart to guide your decision making for what is right for you? Do you ever hold yourself to old standards in how you used to be rather than what you can become? Instead of saying “I can’t” say “I will” and watch your world begin to change.

Awakening Session 8

Session Eight - Letting Go: The baggage that you hold onto from your life experiences can be the very things that are holding you back from living a purposeful and love filled life. Why on earth would you be willing to carry the weight of your traumas on your back for miles and miles if they weren’t providing you with an opportunity to live a more peaceful life? This is a very heavy session, and personally one of my absolute favorites in this series. A lot of what is said in this session spoke to me on a very personal level and woke me up. I hope it does that for you too.

Awakening Session 7

Session Seven - Relationships: Without question, this two-part section of the series will change your outlook on how to operate within the relationship you have with others, but more importantly how you look at the relationship that you have with yourself. You cannot possibly love another until you love yourself, and so with that being said the first part to this session deals more with having a loving relationship with yourself. The second part of this session is about how you then move onto having a loving relationship with another.