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U Matter is a movement to inspire you to love yourself. We aim to accomplish this by encouraging you to practice the lessons. We have also included personal stories that inspire and some great articles as well.  The lessons are designed to help you discover more about yourself and for you to embrace your self-empowerment. We are one of your next steps once you have decided to help yourself. It’s our mission to give you some of the tools needed to make positive changes that provide personal growth.

We are happy to share that Ned’s Book is now available on amazon click on the link below

Be Love book on sale now          Daily Inspiration: On the Path of Love

E Books available at Be Love E book


The Instagram link below will take you to our Instagram page. We post lots of inspirational quotes daily.


Our Motto for Umatter is:

“Be Love, be loving to the world, be loving to other’s, most importantly, be loving to yourself.”

~Be Love





We are looking for people to submit articles, lessons and personal stories that inspire. Feel free to send your submissions to contact@umatter.blog

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Glen Swatman says:

    Just wanted to say thank you Ned. The presentation you gave was so inspiring and touching . I’m not one to stay focus on one topic for very long. But you kept wanting to hear more. I will definitely be looking into your site as well share your cards and passing the word along of your site


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